Hello World!

Our French World is a great event dedicated to our amazing students, it is an elegant present from the Graduate to the Undergraduate learners of  French!
The Cultural Events Board financed by the CU Student Goverment is our main funder.
All the graduate students of the French Dept. have deciced to take part of this fun project.
They will all bring their class to the event and teach their class in the middle of the crowd.
each class is opened to all… please join!
We will play, videos, short movies, commercial from la Francophonie…
We will have wonderful food from la Francophonie (such as couscous).
We will do crêpes’ decoration workshop… holala… learn recipes…
Games a conversations will be the best tools to review your grammar…
The Poster presentations on countries from la Francophonie, will be followed by a scavenger hunt …
Who will be able to find all the answers?
Our guests are Altec at CU (the main resource for teaching languages using technologies), The faculty, advisors and directors of the French Department, and Study Abroad.


Thank You to the Cultural Events Board at CU for funding this event.

Thank you to the French Dept. at CU for financing all our posters on Francophonie.