University of Colorado at Boulder,

BOURDIER, Juliette

Instructor of French  Language, Culture and Literature



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Student Evaluations

These are student comments from FCQ’s

French 3700 SP2012

–  Challenge is her middle name, however this is my best French class ever.

–  Congratulation for you Teaching Award, you deserve it! Madame j’ai tellement appris avec vous que j’ai decide de devenir major.

–   Merci madame pour vos conseils, vous êtes une inspiration pour moi. Et aussi j’ai beaucoup appris en Français et dans l’écriture en général.

French 3060 FA2011

–          Passionate teacher! She’s probably convinced 55% of French majors to be French majors.

–          Great Instructor, I learn more with Juliette than other French professors.

–          De toutes mes études de Français, vous êtes ma prof favorite! Vous me poussez vraiment, je vous remercie !

–          I loved this class! Juliette is great, I always learn so much in her classes.

–          Elle est complètement fantastique, inspirer, etc. j’apprends beaucoup. Merci Mme !

–          Excellent class; presentation, instructor, experience!!

French 3500 FA2011

–          Thank you for all the work you’ve put in this semester

–          At times this class was extremely trying and a test of patience and determination? But at the end, I can honestly say that I’ve learned for more than other courses and would take it again if given the opportunity! It was an excellent course.

–          I really like this class a lot and learned a lot. But it was so hard at times and very time consuming. But Bourdier is Brilliant.

–          Best class ever, thank you Madame J

–          Madame Bourdier was very ambitious in creating assignments & projects which help us learn more.

French 3060 SP2011

–          Juliette is one of my favorite instructor at CU. This is my second undergraduate course with her, and I would take more if I could.

–          There was a lot of work but she was very encouraging and always wanted us to do well.

–          The instructor’s interest and dedication was remarkable. She truly cares about her students experience an education.

–          I truly enjoyed having you as a teacher! Merci beaucoup, vous êtes géniale. I have never learned so much French in a such short period of time.

–          The professor is extraordinarily prompt in her grading of many quizzes and papers. She always brings much energy to the class.

–          Great Class, loved the structure and all of the activities. The book was great too. I definitely learned a lot in this class and improved my writing greatly.

–          Very Good course and instructor. Had a lot of fun & learned more than any other semester.

French 2120 SU 2010

–          Very changing, exactly what I was looking for.

–          Every student in the class benefited from Juliette Bourdier’s outstanding instruction and command of the French language. Many students will continue studying French because of her. Thank you!

French 3700 FA2010

–          Juliette is awesome so unbelievably helpful. It’s  obvious how much she cares about her students and all the efforts she puts into helping everyone. She also makes you work and learned a lot from her and the class.

–          Juliette Bourdier is the most amazing and encouraging French professor I’ve ever has – she takes a personal interest in her students and their learning; I’ve never had a professor who was so generous as her.

–          Madame is so engaged in her classes and makes them so too. Highly recommended that every French major & minor takes a class with Madame.

French 2500 SP2010

–          This course as really helpful – I feel I have learned more than I have in any other class with any other instructor.. J. Bourdier pushed us to be the best we can & never gave up on us when we weren’t doing our best. She tried many different formats – presentations, group work, photostories to get us all involved. And in my opinion it worked. Merci beaucoup, Madame Bourdier.

–          J’aime sa classe! Était très difficile et la prof demande beaucoup, mais c’est très beneficial. Pour moi c’est la meilleure classe de français et madame Bourdier est une très bonne professeur (sic).

–          Madame is a great instructor – her style is very different from the usual French class but it is very effective for learning French.

French 2120 SP 2010

–          This was the best French class I’ve ever had. I learned more in one semester that the past several years! Mme Bourdier is a fantastic teacher an she makes grammar fun!

–          Madame is the best French prof  I’ve ever had. She is enthusiastic, funny and extremely helpful. She responds to emails frequently (sometimes nearly instantaneously), which is awesome.

–          The best French class ever, I’ve learned even more than I thought was possible J

–          Difficult in the beginning as well as unenjoyable, however, by the end of the semester this was both an enjoyable and useful course.

–          The class was challenging and sometimes felt there was too much work, but I’m so better at French now, and appreciate the amount of time Mme Bourdier put into this class.

–          Tu as fait un très bon travail comme prof! votre intelligence, motivation et disponibilité étions tout à fait super ! et tu êtes très compatissant avec les étudiants. (sic)













Juliette Bourdier, Best prof ever