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I have used technologies inside and outside the classroom…among which

Here, Pascale, from my advanced FA2013 (stylistique and Extrême Contemporain Littérature) at Whitman College, made a video to talk about “les couloirs” in La Salle de Bain de JP Toussaint.

Here, Adrienne, from my intermediate FA2013 (French cultural conversation and writing) at Whitman College, made a video to talk about “la séparation de l’église et de l’Etat en France”.

Here Hillary, from beginner F2013 (French language) at Whitman College, made a video to recite the Jacques Prévert’s Poem, Pour faire le portrait d’un oiseau.

Online tools for my students

I post on my Facebook page “FrenchTop”, news, video clips, games… for the students to practice French… already more than a thousand likes.
Facebook French Top, Student News from France and Francophonie


This is safe forum for my students, they post short work, discuss opinion, post documentaries they made…, for my Cultural Writing and Composition littéraire courses

I created an online magazine,, for my amazing students, best journalists, literature & Cinéma critics…

Juliette Boudier

I am building FrenchAgain, for my students to get some tools (quizzes, flascards, video) to improve their skills.

French Again, exercises and grammar for french learners