French 3050 – de la composition à la critique cinématographique,
“L’écriture,  et Court Métrage au XXIe siècle.”
“Le Minimalisme, Autour de Stallone d’Emmanuelle Bernheim.”

The main components of French 3050 are writing structure and composition. During the semester, we will investigate the Courant littéraire minimaliste in France. We will explore advanced French grammar, composition technique, reading of literary texts and oral communication. Classes are conducted entirely in French. Grammar is considered as “review,” and therefore the pace is quick; in-class and at-home writing exercises will be used to reinforce grammatical expertise. Composition assignments are designed to encourage thematic analysis, thesis writing, and explication de texte of reading selections. The reading of “Stallone” by Emmanuelle Bernheim, of articles and the watching of selected short movies will provide material for written exercises as well as class discussions.

There will be very short quizzes (on movies, grammar, vocabulary, verbs, authors…) matching the material covered.  In addition, two exams will have grammar and composition components.  There will be short writing homework/in class, there will be four compositions and one final composition, oral participation and final oral exam. All compositions will be written in steps. 1: problématique/introduction and sources. 2: plan. 3-5: corps du texte. 6: Conclusion. 7: version finale complète.

Our semester will be divided in 5 “écritures cinématographique”

·        le descriptif cinématographique,

·        le narratif cinématographique,

·        l’argumentatif cinématogaphique,

·        la critique cinématographique

Each “écriture” will be organized around 5 days (classes last 1.75 periods). Almost every day we will read couple pages of Stallone, write a short essay, will take a very short quiz and explore the subject of the day in small groups.

Emanuelle Bernheim, Stallone, 2002: Gallimard.
Bescherelle Conjugaison, Hatier (any edition) and La grammaire, Robert & Nathan (any edition).
Articles et critiques cinématographiques : Premières Magazine, Télérama, Les fiches du Cinéma., “Le guide facile d’une vie minimaliste“, Leo Babauta.

Courts Métrages:

Descriptif: Escale, E. Gobbé: 2010.
Narratif: Manon sur le bitume, E.Marre: 2010.
Argumentatif: Idole, B. Masocco: 2006.
Critique: Libre Arbitre, F. Sene: 2007.
Critique finale: Le Mozart des Pickpockets, . P. Pollet-Villard: 2006.

Débat & courts métrages : Le minimalisme en question :

Relation : Une issue, M Verboomen: 2007.
Message politique : Sans titre, D. Rousseau, V. Schaltz: 2007.
Psychologie : L’autre, T. Aydostian, 2010.
Société : J’attendrai le suivant, P. Orreindry: 2008.
Morale : French Roast, F.Joubert: 2008.

French 3050 (Course description :

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