Teaching Conferences

Presentations on Pedagogy from 2009 to present

  • 2015 Jan, “A modern quest for subjective identity in teaching Medieval Literature,” presented at HIC International Conference on Education, California State University- Drexel University – Pepperdine University – University of Louisville, Hawaii.
  • 2013 May, “Use of Technology for literature courses, why not?” Create a literary Webquest for your students.
  • 2012 Oct, “Time Management: How to make it happen! PhD is about organization,” GTP, Boulder, CU.
  • 2012 Sept, “How to Adapt to American & International Undergraduate Students and Enjoy Teaching at CU,” GTP, Boulder, CU.
  • 2012 Apr, “Student Oriented Teaching, Commitment and limits,” SOCALLT, Colorado.
  • 2011 Feb, “Teaching and learning Languages Should be fun!” GTP, Boulder, CU.
  • 2011 Apr, “Learning Styles in Languages Acquisition,” Poster Event on Teaching, Boulder, CU.
  • 2010 Feb, “Using Technologies in the Classroom, a tool not a constraint!” GTP, Boulder, CU.
  • 2009 July, “Teaching with Gamelets,” Merlot International Conference, University of San Diego. California,
  • 2009 Aug, “How to deal with problems in the classroom,” GTP, Boulder, CU.
  • 2009 Nov, “How to design a course using Ning,” GTP, Boulder, CU.
  • 2009-2013, ALTEC Annual Share fair, CU Boulder. Presentations, Workshops on the use of Technologies in the classroom: use, students’ reaction and appreciation, efficiency on students learning abilities.
    • 2009: “Voicethread, Make Students Listen to Each Other,” from creative writing to creative speaking.
    • 2010 : “Ning, a Private Forum for Student’s Assignments,” make students own their own learning space.
    • 2011: “Photostory, in Medieval Literature Apprehension,” I turned my students into story tellers.
    • 2012: “Technologies, Ups and Downs, Not a Purpose But a Tool,” help students research online.
    • 2013: “Use of Technology for literature courses, why not?” Create a literary Webquest for your students.        .

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