Teaching Agenda, Medieval, French Literature, Culture & Language


University of Colorado

Courses Taught

  • FREN 490: Special Topics in French Literature and Culture
  • FREN 475: Voices from Medieval and/or Renaissance
  • FREN 431: Middle Ages and Renaissance
  • FREN 383: Summer Internship in Paris
  • FREN 381: Professional Business Practices in French
  • FREN 380: Marketing, Strategies & Comm in French Workplace
  • FREN 382: French for World Business II
  • FREN 381: French for World Business I
  • FREN 380: Le Concept De Marketing
  • FREN 321: A Survey of French Literature
  • FREN 314: French Composition and Conversation
  • FREN 101-202: French Through Culture

Independent Studies

  • FREN 498: Business Practices in France in Times of COVID
  • FREN 496: The French Political System through the Lens of the French Constitution
  • FREN 498: French Americans – Cultural Analysis, Invisible Differences
  • FREN 498: Understanding Media Through the Lens of Contemporary French Cinema
  • FREN 498: The French Political System Through the Lens of Radical Feminism
  • FREN 498: Sexuality in Medieval France Through the Lens of Infernal Punishment
  • HONS 399: The History of Medieval France Through the Lens of the University System

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