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Fictions Secondes – Colloque International

Équipe Fictions & Interactions, UMR ACTE CNRS 8218 Fictions Secondes   Tables rondes Mercredi 25.05.2016 à 14h00 & 16h30 UFR Arts & Sciences de l’Art 47, rue des Bergers — 75015 Paris Colloque international Jeudi 26.05. 2016 & vendredi 27.05.2016... Continue Reading →

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Hybrid Genres in French Literature

French Literature Conference 2016 Hybrid Genres/L’Hybridité des genres April 21-22, 2016 University of South Carolina Columbia, South Carolina This conference proposes to examine or re-examine how perhaps unexpected combinations of textual, audio, and visual forms can open new literary and... Continue Reading →

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Idole, Grand Amour et quête identitaire

Hello étudiants, Voici un aperçu du syllabus du cours French 314 pour Fall 2014 au College of Charleston      

Plague in Medieval French Towns… How they dealt with it?

oonjour à tous, Faisant suite à notre lecture, je souhaite que vous lisiez cette article et que vous m'expliquiez en quoi ces révélations corroborent les tensions que nous avons notées dans notre poème. On se voit lundi A new article... Continue Reading →

Gallica on Ipad, manuscripts and more…

The National French Library offers an Android or Ipad application to visualize, download etc... more than 4 millions of documents, Manuscripts, pictures... books. It is free and you can get it easily : l’App Store or Google Play. Create your... Continue Reading →

The MINIARE project

Secret histories of illuminated manuscripts: the MINIARE project From the University of Cambridge An innovative project at the University of Cambridge will uncover some of the hidden histories of illuminated manuscripts, thanks to the application of techniques more commonly found... Continue Reading →

Time Management: How to Make it Happen!

This workshop will help you set academic goals and make them happen. Participants will brainstorm realistic goals and discuss how to achieve them. Forget the imposter syndrome: You can do it, and that is why you are here. Some of... Continue Reading →

Our french World

Hello World! Our French World is a great event dedicated to our amazing students, it is an elegant present from the Graduate to the Undergraduate learners of  French! The Cultural Events Board financed by the CU Student Goverment is our... Continue Reading →

My Students Can!

PF18: UMC 386 4:00 pm - 4:30 pm My Students Can! Turning your classroom in a newsroom Juliette BOURDIER, University of Colorado Boulder Last semester, my third year French students and I built a magazine. The primary learning objective was... Continue Reading →

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