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490.01 Les jeunes français au temps du Covid reading for August 30th

Revue de Presse TV5 Monde (international) TF1 (TV conservateur) Les Echos (journal économique ) France 2 (YV gouvernementale) Liberation (journal de gauche) Ouest France (journal populaire) Merci de lire les petits extraits d'articles, et de regarder les deux petites vidéos.... Continue Reading →

Protean Identities Facing Alterity – FA2014

Hello Students at the College of Charleston This is the summary syllabus of my French Medieval and Renaissance Literature course for Fall 2014 Come join us!     Juliette Bourdier French 431 College of Charleston, FA 2014      

L’Escale, use a silent video to make students talk!

Using a silent video to make students talk! Here I used one of my favorite short movies,  L'escale by Eléa Gobbé-Mévellec, and produced by Nostromo. Festival d'Anncey 2009. This form of "silent" story is ideal in any class which encourages... Continue Reading →

Our french World

Hello World! Our French World is a great event dedicated to our amazing students, it is an elegant present from the Graduate to the Undergraduate learners of  French! The Cultural Events Board financed by the CU Student Goverment is our... Continue Reading →

Refresh your French, go Altec CU Boulder!

Bonjour, Bonjour, The summer is perfect to freshen up your French at CU! Sign up for a course with the French dept... or Contact to sign up for a Refresher... The refresher courses are ALTEC’s signature offerings. The... Continue Reading →

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