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Delphine Minoui @CofC

Award-Winning Author and Journalist Delphine Minoui I’am Writing you from Tehran Tuesday, April 09, 2019 – 5 pm – Jewish Studies Center 333 Delphine Minoui, a renown French Journalist, “Honor” at the CELSA Journalism School in Paris and graduated on... Continue Reading →

Cultivating Soft Skills with an Undergraduate Academic Journal

Michael S. Overholt, PhD Episode 4 – Juliette Bourdier – Cultivating Soft Skills with an Undergraduate Academic Journal in French   I recently sat down with Dr. Juliette Bourdier to discuss an undergraduate journal she has created for second language... Continue Reading →

Les miracles de Notre Dame, Colloque

INSTITUT CATHOLIQUE DE RENNES Bruz 21-23 mars 2019 In English et en Français plus bas In the twelfth century there appeared—first in Anglo-Norman England then on the European continent—collections of miracle-tales about the Virgin Mary, in Latin and then in... Continue Reading →

A must-have, Medieval Paris

Using a rich database of written and iconographic documents, Grez resurface in computer graphics historic places, at the closest of what they were in the past. NEW DVD Paris Médiéval au fil de l'eau is amazing, Paris along the Seine... Continue Reading →

French and British national llibraries to team up on the digital field

The British Library, the Bibliothèque nationale de France and The Polonsky Foundation have teamed up to create two websites that will provide digital access to 800 medieval manuscripts. The websites will be launched next month. It is... Continue Reading →

La formule au Moyen Age

La 4e édition du Colloque Interdisciplinaire sur la Formule au Moyen Âge se tiendra au Centre d’Etudes Supérieures de Civilisation Médiévale, à Poitiers (France) du 13 au 15 juin 2018. Programme Pour sa quatrième édition, le colloque bisannuel sur la... Continue Reading →

Down There: Uncovering the Infernal in the Early Middle Ages

Northern/Early Medieval Interdisciplinary Conference Series, UCL London    Juliette Bourdier, University of Charleston Virtue and Lechery: An Infernal Approach to Transgression The purpose of this short study is to investigate the fictionalization of  lechery in the underworld using monachal approach to... Continue Reading →

Histoires chrétiennes en images

  Conférence Histoires chrétiennes en images : espace, temps et structure de la narration Dans le cadre du programme de recherche « Imago-Eikon. Regards croisés sur l’image chrétienne médiévale entre Orient et Occident », vous êtes cordialement convié-e-s à deux demi-journées de... Continue Reading →


Journée d’étude – Reconnaissance par ordinateur des écritures anciennes : le projet HIMANIS La journée d’étude du projet HIMANIS [Historical Manuscripts for user-controlled Search], autour de la reconnaissance par ordinateur des écritures anciennes, se tient le mardi 29 mai 2018... Continue Reading →

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