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Research Publications 2020 Juliette Bourdier, “Troisième genre infernal, entre utopie terrestre et dystopie infernale”, Redistribution du Genre, University of Rennes, 2020 : 48-66. Juliette Bourdier, "Miracle marial, pilier du livre d’heures de Courtanvaux c.1460", Les Miracles de Notre-Dame, du Moyen Âge... Continue Reading →

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‘Self & Selves’, White Rose Medieval Graduate Conference (Virtual, 17-18 June 2021), deadline 1 April 2021 — Medieval Art Research

This conference explores how medieval people expressed and conceptualised the self and selves.How did medieval people think about themselves? What did selfhood mean in the middle ages? How was the medieval self constructed or performed? This conference explores how medieval people... Continue Reading →

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Publication – “Les Miracles de Notre-Dame du Moyen Âge à nos jours”, dir. Jean-Louis Benoît et Jerry Root

Au Moyen Âge apparaissent d’abord en latin puis en langue vernaculaire des récits des miracles opérés par Notre-Dame, un peu partout dans le monde et à toutes les époques. Ils deviennent un véritable genre littéraire sous la plume de leur... Continue Reading →

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Travels Through the Dark Realms of Medieval Clerical Fantasy, Sex and Erotica

Pdf : 2017 Travels Through the Dark Realms of Medieval Clerical Fantasy Sex and Erotica Bourdier Comitatus Medieval testimonies brought back by Christian voyagers into Hell delve into the infernal punishments administered to the souls of the sinners. In this... Continue Reading →

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Free-Download at the MetPublications

From the Met Whether you are interested in the rise of Gothic art in 12th century France, or the arms and armor of the samurai in Japan, The Metropolitan Museum of Art has something for you. The museum is making... Continue Reading →

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CofC Helps Students

Want to help Students today? Clic to give, Your gift, no matter the size, will immediately help one of our students in great need. Ey! CofC Students! Do you need help! Those are resources to assist CofC student, thank you... Continue Reading →

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Mary in the XVth century’s Liturgy

The manuscript of Courtnavaux belong to the Hayes Collection and is protected for diffusion.     .

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What Was Cooking in Medieval Hell’s Kitchen?

Well, Hell is a very specific object, because it is not really accessible, unspeakable, invisible… technically, some knew that there was an afterlife space where people would be rewarded according to their deeds/actions. And the Christian church which set up... Continue Reading →

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Collection Tempus en open-access

Tempus a collection « Tempus » accueille des ouvrages qui se rapportent à toute période et à tout domaine du champ historique et qui sont choisis aussi bien en fonction de l’importance et de la nouveauté de leurs apports que... Continue Reading →

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