FRIDAY Afternoon: International & Diversity Workshops from 1:00 – 2:00 PM. You may end up teaching abroad, you may have international undergraduates in your classes, you may be a foreign TA, you may feel like you don’t fit in, these workshops provide the opportunity for you to learn some cultural information.

The first International/Diversity workshop is on September 14:

How to Adapt to American & International Undergraduate Students and Enjoy Teaching at CU 

Come in 200 Roser ATLAS to meet with Juliette Bourdier, Lead Graduate Teacher French & Italian.

What American Students Want!

American students expect explicitness, fairness, respect, encouragement, and discretion from their instructors. Ms Bourdier provides tips for TAs who want to do well in the classroom and receive high scores on the Faculty Course Questionnaire on which all teachers are evaluated by their own students.

What do undergraduate students want from us ?
They want us to be…

1) Respectful
2) Knowledgeable
3) Approachable
4) Engaging
5) Communicative
6) Organized
7) Responsive
8) Professional
9) Humorous

Are we? Come to my workshop, and let’s talk about it !

Juliette Bourdier