Using a rich database of written and iconographic documents, Grez resurface in computer graphics historic places, at the closest of what they were in the past. NEW DVD Paris Médiéval au fil de l’eau is amazing, Paris along the Seine river in the Middle-Ages

If you are a medievalist, a professor or just a Paris lover… this is definitely a must-have!

Les DVD documentaires

Paris in the Middle Ages, Paris along the Seine River, The Saint Chapelle, Chartres Stain-glasses, Roman Art in France….

Paris et l'impressionnisme

I have used these DVDs in my classroom and organized a series of activities, students loved it!

Here you have a bird’s-eye view of a meticulous and very likely reconstruction of what Paris might have looked like at the end of the Middle Ages. In his DVDs, Eric Zingraff (Grez Productions) shows and explains Paris disappeared in a fascinating way. I really recommend them.  Have a great flight!

Paris au Moyen Age DVD

The Middle Ages in Paris 3D DVD – the Island City, is the result of this work. Discover Paris at Middle Ages as you’ve never seen the Island City, the Chatelet, the Sainte Chapelle in the Courthouse after Notre Dame was built. Find our heritage mentioned in a detailed reconstruction of Paris at the end of Middle Ages.

DVD La Sainte Chapelle de Paris×360.mp4

Another aspect of our business is making video-intensive documentaries about the most beautiful heritage monuments. Discover the Parvis of Notre Dame, Chartres, The Temple, Cluny. Through a comprehensive and didactic approach, it is possible to see these wonders and discover invisible or missing aspects.

DVD Les Chefs d'oeuvre de l'Art Roman

Traveling from yesterday to today, using the tools of tomorrow.

DVD Les vitraux de Chartres