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Montbrun Castle à vendre

Located near the village of Dournazac in the Haute-Vienne département, Central France
Asking Price: 20 million €

Montbrun Castle is located in the central region of Limousin. Built in the 12th century and expanded in the 15th century, this castle has a well-known history and is considered to be an excellent example of late medieval fortifications.

The caslte is over 3500 square meters in size and has been thoroughly modernized in the interior, while preserving its medieval character. The castle includes four towers, a courtyard, and a great hall which can accomodate between 100 and 200 people depending on the use. There are also 16 bedrooms located within the castle, along with a kitchen, dining room, library and office spaces.

The property also comes with 500 acres of land, which includes six houses, five stables, a tavern, four lakes and a moat. Most of the surrounding land is forested, but could be converted to other uses, such as a golf course.

View from the CourtyardThe castle was built in 1179 by Aimery Bruni (also known as Brun), and his descendants owned the castle up to 1516. According to local legend, this was the site where King Richard I of England died in 1199 after being shot by an arrow while besieging the nearby castle of Chalus-Chabrol. At the beginning of the Hundred Years’ War, the castle was held by the English, but was retaken by the French in 1353. At the end of the century it was taken again by the English and partially destroyed. Between 1433 and 1438, square towers were replaced with round towers and the castle took on its present form. In 1562, Montbrun was attacked by Protestants during the Wars of Religion and although it was not captured a fire raged through the castle.

The Great Hall

After being pillaged and burned in the French Revolution, Montbrun was restored in 1871, only to suffered serious damage from a fire in 1917. A second restoration was carried out between 1964 and 1966. It has been a protected monument historique listed by the French Ministry of Culture since 1946, but has remained in private hands.

The current owners of the castle note the large commerical potential of Montbrun Castle, not only as a hotel, but as tourist site which can handle a wide variety of events, such weddings or conferences, and can potentially accomodate up to 600 persons a night.

The asking price for Montbrun Castle is 20 million euros. Furthermore, the owners suggest that up to another 10 million euros will be required to continue to renovate the castle and invest in the property.