French 3500: Current events, Composition and Conversation. French Journalism – re-design with Grant

  • An upper-division elective for majors and minors, I completely redesigned this course to create an amazing project for the students. During the semester, the students learned the mechanisms of French Journalism, and build a magazine. At the end of the semester, they had physical evidence of their work: a newspaper they built, and a website open to CU and other campuses. They worked on the project in French as a team thoughout the semester and focused on their interests by undertaking, within the main project, a mission that explains the reason they decided to learn French.

Bruit de moquette vous offre une collection d’articles, de billets, de tuiles, d’interviews, de vidéocasts réalisés par les journalistes de French 3500 FA2011. Nous avons accepté la collaboration de pigistes …


Vous apprécierez le résultat d’un semestre de travail intensif.

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Juliette Bourdier