Avant votre départ

A) Achetez votre ticket

Notre programme commence le 11 mai (donc vous devez quitter les USA le 10 mai )
Notre programme se termine le 5 Juillet, donc vous partez le 5 juillet -vous avez votre chambre jusqu’au 4 juillet votre dernière nuit, et 5 juillet le matin à votre départ.

Tickets from may 10th to July 5th (but if you want to arrive ealier and leave later, just let me know)
idéalement ce serait bien d’arriver dans la matinée, je vous attendrais jusqu’à midi.
nous aurons un lieu de rendez-vous au Terminal 1 de CDG – Brioche dorée
ceux qui vont obtenir leur diplôme et marcher vous pouvez arriver plus tard le mardi ou le mercredi. Dès que vous avez acheté votre billet, merci de m’envoyer les infos suivantes pour mon organisation et pour les assurances. Je ferai un tableau que nous aurons disponible sur cette page.

  1. Aller : companie.s aérienne.s (numéro de vol, heure de départ et heure d’arrivée des vols)
  2. Retour : companie.s aérienne.s (numéro de vol, heure de départ et heure d’arrivée des vols)15 heures

Notre programme se termine le 7 juillet (c’est donc le jour OFFICIEL de votre départ) MAIS VOUS POUVEZ RESTER PLUS LONGTEMPS (visiter la bougogne, passer une semaine sur la riviera…)

Pour trouver les bons plans

Keep your searches top secret

You’re not crazy for thinking that a flight price has changed after searching it a few times in your web browser. Based on the cookies in your browser, flight prices do increase when a particular route is repeatedly searched, as the site wants to scare you into booking the flight quickly before prices get even higher. Always search for flights in incognito or private browsing mode to see the lowest prices.

Voici le lien dont nous a parlé Daniel : https://www.studentuniverse.com (prix spéciaux pur les étudiants)

  • attention, a cheaper flight might be way longer.
  • So then you would leave the day before (the 9th to arrive the 11th)
  • Skyscanner (or download the app) Excellent tool (you can receive price alerts)
  • AirFare Watchdog (good at finding sale & error fares)
  • Momondo (a broad search engine that sometimes shows cheaper fares than Skyscanner)
  • Kiwi.com (combines all airlines to create routes that are cheaper than booking with just 1 airline )
  • Cheapoair
    • NEW: Exclusive coupon for Thrifty Nomads readers: Up to $50 off with promo code THRIFTY50
  • AirWander (lets you extend layovers into stopovers to visit 2 destinations with 1 trip – see tip #7)
  • JetRadar (includes budget airlines, which many search engines don’t)
  • Google Flights (good tool to quickly compare flight dates – not usually the best prices)



  • Si vous restez une semaine ou un mois de plus, je vais vous assurer pour votre voyage en entier (ou si vous arrivez en avance).
  • N’attendez pas le dernier moment pour acheter vos billets (les prix grimpent vite)

skyscanner comp

Flight and Insurance

I need you to post on our facebook group the arrival and departure flights, I will use these informations for your insurrance. This has to be done before April 1st.
Do not multi post, one only post that contains all the information.

  1. Aller : companie.s aérienne.s (numéro de vol, heure de départ et heure d’arrivée des vols)
  2. Retour : companie.s aérienne.s (numéro de vol, heure de départ et heure d’arrivée des vols)

Exemple : one comment – Please respect the format so that I do not spend hours deciphering.
“Bourdier – ALLER May 2nd UA3405 (CHS-EWR) 12pm-2pm // UA57 (EWR-CDG) 6:40pm-7:45Am May 3rd RETOUR Aug 16th UA914 (CDG-IAD) 12:25-2:50 // UA4910 (IAD-CHS) 5:05pm -6:49”


B) Get a Scholarship

Rappel pour les scholarship(do not apply if you do not need them)

Need assistance with the essays for your scholarship application?  Office of Nationally Competitive Awards (NCA) can provide valuable feedback before you submit your essays. Also, find up-to-date resources published by the NCA on their blog.  Get started today by contacting the Office of Nationally Competitive Awards at nationalawards@cofc.edu.


French Ministry of Higher Education & Research: Merit & Need-Based Grants

These are French government funds allocated in accordance with social criteria. While getting free government money sounds fine and dandy, most grants go to French nationals BUT some foreigners may qualify! How, you may ask? For example, if, for tax purposes, your home over the past two years has been France. Other qualifications include being a national of a European Union country or being a national of a European Economic Space country and previously holding a permanent job in France (full or part-time). Have a parent or legal guardian who has earned income in France? You qualify.

Another way to qualify is to prove your degree of integration into French society, such as by the length of time you’ve already spent studying in France or if you have certain family ties in France. If you’ve lived continuously in France for 5 years, you could be a qualifier, too.

  • Award: Varies from $247 per month over 9 months to $494 per month for 2 to 9 months
  • Deadline: Varies between January 15 and April 30
  • Application: Click Here

American Institute for Foreign Study Scholarships

These are awarded to American students who show high academic achievement. Over $800,000 in scholarships, grants, and financial support are awarded to deserving students & institutions each year. Be aware that scholarships listed are not available to students on AIFS customized faculty-led programs. To apply, you’ll need to write a 1,000-word essay on how studying abroad fits into your academic and career goals, and what will you do to promote study abroad on your campus when you return.

Scholarships apply to AIFS programs including the French cities of Cannes, Grenoble, and Paris, but if you’re enrolled in a program through your school, you can still check with your study abroad coordinator to see if any special AIFS scholarships apply to you.

  • Award: Varies from $200 for summer programs and can go up to $5,000
  • Deadline: Varies
  • Application: Click Here

C) get me a good picture of your Passport

  • You need to check your passport (your passport has to be valid up to Octobre 2019- 3 months after your date of return)
  • You need to send me a copy of your passport before March 15th (a good picture of your passport) use Cam scanner on your cellphone to take a proper picture. Send it to me before Avril 1st and I will print a color version that you will keep in your wallet with your International Student Card.

This is the picture I need!



D) What to bring ?


Image result for important

you need to bring 4 ID Pictures

Small size – for your navigo, your insurance, your International Student Card.


Image result for important

If you need special medecine/ treatment

If you have allergies or else

  • you need to bring enough medicine for 2 months
  • you need to bring your prescription in case you loose your medecine

Cellphone UNLOCK!

Image result for important

  • In France you will need to be reachable 24/24
  • you need a French Cellphone number -I do not care if yourcontract works in France. You need a FRENCH NUMBER
  • so either you unlock your phone or we will buy a cheap smartphone in France (40euros).
  • You need to unlock your phone while in the USA.
  • MONDAY 13th we will go to get a Sim Card at “Free”  it is around 20 dollars per month includig Internet.

COFC T-Shirt

  • Please bring a T-shirt or sweater marked CofC


  • You need adaptators for French outlets

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "adaptor french outlet"

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "adaptor french outlet"
If you have many devices then bring an american multiplug so you need only one adaptor. If you forgot to bring an adaptor, buy it at the airport (they always sell them)

Clothing and Stuff

  • something warm (a sweather, a light rain coat)
  • something professional (serious, clean, plain)
  • something light (it can be hot in the summer)
  • something fancy… because, you know… 🙂
  • But do not forget, there are many clothing shops in Paris… and the big  summer sale end of June
  • Please travel light! you do not need a load of things… you can find everything in France, we do have shampoo and soap and lotions and everything.
  • Everything you need is in France.

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