Merci pour ce semestre !

Vous êtes super top nec plus ultra ! (awesome)



It is super important that you do the evaluation
Those who have not done it yet, please do it, you need to show me your screen shot
I give 1% of bonus when the entire class did their evaluations.


VHL is mandatory and it is worth 20% of your grade
Deadline was the 23rd but I will closee VHL the 1st at Noon.


Talkabroad is mandatory and it is worth 10% of your grade
Deadline was the 23rd but I will closee Talkabroad the 1st at Noon.


As stipulated in the Syllabus, and stated many times in class and by email. By Departmental policies, You can have 3 absences (excused or not excused).
Each extra absence (starting at 4) counts for 1% of your final grade.
This is a language class, it implies communication and oral skills that only your presence

Extra Talk abroad

Extra TalkAbroad are worth 1% of your grade (or one absence).


Teheran attendance is worth 1% of your grade (or one absence)

Final Grade

I will post the final grade on Oaks as soon as all students have posted their evaluations.
I will send you by emal your Final exam graded so that you can see how much you have improved 🙂 only if all evaluations are posted.


Do not forget to sign for 202! We have 2 summer classes !

Summer Internship in Paris

Those who want to go to Paris next Summer, you need to :

  • SU 2019 Take 202 this Summer
  • FA 2019 Take 313 and 314 in Fall (composition and conversation)
  • SP 2020 Take 381 in Spring
  • SU 2020 You are in Paris, Take 383 in Summer (Internship in Paris)


2017 Internship Poster standard 11.jpg