La semaine prochaine, nous commencerons la lecture d’Yvain et le Lion,

je souhaite que vous vous imprégniez de l’esprit du texte de Chrétien au travers de la visite de ce musée virtuel.

Yvain, le Chevalier au Lion, by Chrétien de Troyes

In one of his King Arthur stories the famous French poet Chrétien de Troies tells about Yvain, the Knight with the Lion. During the year 1172 or 1173 he compiled the story from several legends and traditions.

The Bibliothèque Nationale de France is always innovative when it is about toreconcile Technologies of the internet and ancient manuscripts.

The online exhibition of manuscripts, from History to Literature, presents manuscripts to be clicked through, with audio coments, video presentations a,d pedagogical activities. A must to teach Medieval Literature!

Students can leaf through the entire manuscript and enjoy the enluminures, the hand writing… in the room of the livres à feuilleter.


They can have them watch introductory video for each text or watch it with them, I made subtitles for those who are struggling with their oral abilities.


Use rich pedagogical activities.

activity pedagogique

or follow the guided visits as assignments or group activities.

Arthur is always a very pleasant subject to teach to undergraduates, they really enjoy the complexity of the tales.

Battles, courtly love and marvelous subjects remind them of video games and the use of internet create an easy connection, it allows the use of colorful and explicit illustrations.

When you get their interest… it is so much easier to share your passion for literature.

visite guidée, Bnf,

Of course, there are many resources on the web, I always give my preference to academic and institutional ones.