381.pngProfessional Practices – French 381


2-lundi 14 janvier



Expression du jour,
et d’après-vous ça veut dire quoi ?


Un jour, un métier


  • Frédéric
    • Que fait Frédéric ?
    • depuis combien de temps ?
  • Qu’est-ce que la franchise ?
    • Quels sont les avantages ?
    • les inconvénients ?
  • Qui offre une formation ?
  • Qui est pôle emploi ?
    • que font-ils ?
    • qui aident-ils ?
    • comment aident-ils ?
  • Que fait Valérie Margeron ?
    • comment aide-t-elle Frédéric ?

Notre semestre*

  1. Paige https://paigemitchellportfolio.wordpress.com
  2. Amy https://thomasag.wordpress.com/
  3. Elena https://elenabonnefoi.com/
  4. Eva https://evasmillie655381480.wordpress.com/
  5. George https://georgegabriel746289329.wordpress.com/


Global Scholar c’est maintenant

  • global scholar
  • The Global Scholars program is a university-wide initiative designed to increase the capacity of students, faculty, and staff to contribute productively as global citizens. The program aims to meet the changing demands brought about by globalization and recognize students and faculty members who structure their learning and work around developing a wider global world view. Global Scholars was created with a U.S. Department of Education Title VI grant in 2008, and opened to student and faculty enrollment in 2009.
  • Student Requirements at a Glance
  • 3.0 grade point average
  • 18 hours of international/global themed coursework, in at least 3 disciplines
  • Demonstrated foreign language oral proficiency
  • Overseas learning experience
  • Attendance at 6 campus or community global themed events
  • Advising appointments with your Global Scholars mentor



Delf Delf & Dalf

Paris Internship Internship

Dates May 13th  to  July 7th 2019


Pour le sourire

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