Searching the origins, Teaching the future

I am a fourth-year PhD candidate specializing in Medieval Studies in the French and Italian Department. My research explores the perception of Hell and the relationship between the medieval community and its literary object. Coming from the field of Astro

Baluze 760, 1201-1300 source Gallica

physics, I was a computer programmer for 15 years in my own international consulting company. After having researched the origins of the universe, I seek the roots of the European culture using its amazing body of literature (mostly from England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy and Spain) and reconcile my passion for languages, my fascination for old manuscripts (transcription, deciphering, decoding) with an immoderate attraction for technologies.

I teach French Literature and Culture in the French Italian Dept at CU.

I teach Astrophysics for the Center of Applied  Research and Climatology at Birkam.