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Fief is a game of dynastic ambition, where players assume the roles of nobles in the 14th century Kingdom of France. Academy Games, which specializes in history-related board games, is making an English-language version of a popular French game in... Continue Reading →

Plague in Medieval French Towns… How they dealt with it?

oonjour à tous, Faisant suite à notre lecture, je souhaite que vous lisiez cette article et que vous m'expliquiez en quoi ces révélations corroborent les tensions que nous avons notées dans notre poème. On se voit lundi A new article... Continue Reading →

Serments de Strazbourg (842)

  The  Serment de Strasbourg is an oath sworn by Charles le Chauve - Charles the Bald (later Holy Roman Emperor Charles II) andÄhnlicher Begriff: Louis II de Germania in solemnizing their alliance against their brother, Emperor Lothair I. The... Continue Reading →

French Food… Recipe Medieval Style

French Medieval Food Bread, accompanied by meat and wine, was the centrepiece of the medieval diet. Vegetables were more for peasants, both in reality and imagination. Not all foods had the same cultural value. Each had its place within a... Continue Reading →

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