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Hwæt! Beowulf Online

Now you can access the manuscript of Beowulf Cotton MS Vitellius A XV The manuscript of Beowulf, the greatest poem in the Old English language, can now be viewed online for the first time. Made around the year 1000, most... Continue Reading →

The MINIARE project

Secret histories of illuminated manuscripts: the MINIARE project From the University of Cambridge An innovative project at the University of Cambridge will uncover some of the hidden histories of illuminated manuscripts, thanks to the application of techniques more commonly found... Continue Reading →

A pedagogical Trebuchet

A Pedagogical Trebuchet: A Case Study in Experimental History and History Pedagogy By Lee L. Brice and Steven Catania The History Teacher, Vol.46:1 (2012) "A common problem history teachers face regardless of their field of specialization is how to help students... Continue Reading →

Time Management: How to Make it Happen!

This workshop will help you set academic goals and make them happen. Participants will brainstorm realistic goals and discuss how to achieve them. Forget the imposter syndrome: You can do it, and that is why you are here. Some of... Continue Reading →

Medieval Florilège epidemic, prostitution…

Bonjour, Dans cette section nous allons étudier quelques notions qui vont nous permettre de mettre un contexte autour de nos lectures. In a spin: the mysterious dancing epidemic of 1518 In 1518, one of the strangest epidemics in recorded history... Continue Reading →

Dating Medieval Manuscripts

The Algorithms That Automatically Date Medieval Manuscripts from Around a million medieval documents have no date making their historical significance difficult to quantify. But automated computer techniques look set to revolutionise the work for historians An important aspect of... Continue Reading →

Charting the Future

Charting the Future & the Unknown in the Middle Ages & Renaissance A conference Saturday, December 1, 2012 9 AM - 6:15 PM Barnard’s 23rd Medieval and Renaissance Conference takes up the question of how writers, artists, historians, scientists, and... Continue Reading →

Colloque Raoul de Houdenc

Entre fiction et didactique : l’oeuvre de Raoul de Houdenc Colloque international du CUERMA- CIELAM Université de Provence Aix-en-Provence 24, 25, 26 octobre 2012 Quand l’invention littéraire débauche la littérature Infernale, ou l’éloge du poète grivois Raoul de Houdenc, Le... Continue Reading →

Lost in Translation, Interpreting Prophecies

Lost in Translation, Interpreting Prophecies Rocky Moutains    Modern Language Association, Conference THURSDAY, OCTOBER 11, 3:30PM- 5:00PM at the Millennium Hotel, in HOSPITALITY ROOM 431 Chair:    Juliette Blue Bourdier, University of Colorado, Boulder The presentations will  be held chronologically, XII... Continue Reading →

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