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Films français

Des films français avec des sous-titres en français I recommend 2 websites to help your students improve their French. FRANCE TELEVISION  and Le site FILM FRA You will be able to watch movies in French with French subtitles...... Continue Reading →

Brush up your French for free

 Improve your French, for free and online, RFI Mission Paris, menez l'enquête- Free Web Site Only Eva can save France. But who are her allies? And who are her enemies? From a Parisian cafe she follows a messenger right into a... Continue Reading →

Be part of the Congrès mondial acadien 2014

Le Congrès mondial acadien 2014 The Congrès mondial acadien is a gathering held every five years uniting the Acadian diaspora from all over the world. Many activities are planned over a two week period, i.e. from August 8th to the... Continue Reading →


Bonjour, La semaine prochaine, nous commencerons la lecture d'Yvain et le Lion, je souhaite que vous vous imprégniez de l'esprit du texte de Chrétien au travers de la visite de ce musée virtuel. Yvain, le Chevalier au Lion, by Chrétien... Continue Reading →

Second Language… a Key to JobSearch

Ann Meritt : Foreign languages: the 10 easiest to learn The English language is closely related to many Germanic and Romance dialects, so when it comes to language study English speakers aren’t starting from scratch. Anne Merritt lists the 10... Continue Reading →

French Movies at CU Boulder

Rappel, Tonight International Film Series Festival à CU - French Film, "L'enfant d'en haut," 6$ (CU studen & seniort) else 7$. Friday 8th, Saturday 9th  and Sunday 10th playing at  7 and 9pm in Muenzinger Auditorium "Sister" by Ursula Meier... Continue Reading →

Just try…. then you’ll know you actually can…

Misconceptions Common Misconceptions About Learning French Get The Facts I’m Too Old ‘I wish I were younger… There is no way I could learn French at my age… Children are the best at learning languages… The older you are, the... Continue Reading →

Dating Medieval Manuscripts

The Algorithms That Automatically Date Medieval Manuscripts from Around a million medieval documents have no date making their historical significance difficult to quantify. But automated computer techniques look set to revolutionise the work for historians An important aspect of... Continue Reading →

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