Juliette Bourdier, Medievalist

Searching the Origins, Teaching the Future



My Students Can!

PF18: UMC 386 4:00 pm - 4:30 pm My Students Can! Turning your classroom in a newsroom Juliette BOURDIER, University of Colorado Boulder Last semester, my third year French students and I built a magazine. The primary learning objective was... Continue Reading →

Le journal de l’été, la fête de la musique !

Bonjour bonjour, This is a short video to learn about “La fête de la musique” Data from and work on comprenhension…. don’t forget to take the quiz.  

Le Journal, Les vacances des Français

Refresh your French, go Altec CU Boulder!

Bonjour, Bonjour, The summer is perfect to freshen up your French at CU! Sign up for a course with the French dept... or Contact to sign up for a Refresher... The refresher courses are ALTEC’s signature offerings. The... Continue Reading →

Sondage … Les étudiant français ont le moral !

Bonjour bonjour, This is a short video to learn about “Le moral des étudiants français” Data from l'IFOP work on numbers and percentages.... don't forget to take the quiz.

Loisirs…. Summer

Bonjour bonjour, This is a short video to learn about "Les loisirs des Français" Data from Le Ministère des Affaires étrangères et Européennes. Improve... - your phonetics - your knowledge about French culture, what do French do during their free-time... Continue Reading →


French 3700 at CU (SP2012) French vs Americans, Really? Course website: An upper-division elective for majors and minors, this course seeks to elucidate and analyze major cultural differences between the two nations, particularly in areas that the students might... Continue Reading →

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