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Uderzo – Goscinny

Les créateurs René Goscinny (1959-1977) Albert Uderzo (1977-2020) La série de 38 albums met en scène en 50 av. J.-C. (peu après la conquête romaine) un petit village gaulois d'Armorique qui poursuit seul la lutte contre l'envahisseur grâce à une... Continue Reading →

Mary in the XVth century’s Liturgy

The manuscript of Courtnavaux belong to the Hayes Collection and is protected for diffusion.     .

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What Was Cooking in Medieval Hell’s Kitchen?

Well, Hell is a very specific object, because it is not really accessible, unspeakable, invisible… technically, some knew that there was an afterlife space where people would be rewarded according to their deeds/actions. And the Christian church which set up... Continue Reading →

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