Common Misconceptions About Learning French Get The Facts
I’m Too Old
‘I wish I were younger… There is no way I could learn French at my age… Children are the best at learning languages… The older you are, the harder it gets…’ Sounds familiar? I’ve heard that a lot. Even from my own Mother!
Are You Too Old?
NO, you are NOT! As a matter of fact, when it comes to learning a second language, studies show that adults have a number of advantages over children and actually learn Faster! This probably would explain why I have struggled to learn English in school as a child. It was terribly boring, impossible to remember, I’ve learned nothing. Literally! As an adult, in my mid 20′s, I started learning English on my own, from scratch. It was a completely different experience! I’ve reached a fluent level in only one year! Now in my 40′s, learning French is even easier! So, you definitely should use your age not as an excuse, but as a huge advantage.
I Don’t Have Time
‘I wish I could learn French, but my life is just too busy, my schedule is packed, I couldn’t possibly find any time to learn another language.’ Sounds familiar?
What If You Don’t Have Time?
I have to admit – this was My #1 Excuse. Guilty! Indeed, at times it seems that life is so busy, the schedule is packed to the fullest, it would be impossible to ‘squeeze in’ the task of learning a foreign language. I wish I’d realize sooner how wrong I was… The truth is that the key to learning another language is your own mindset. Whatever your reasons for learning French are, you must make a commitment first. Without a commitment you’ll just keep putting it off and never actually reach your goal. Commitment is not about justifying excuses, but about finding solutions. Commitment is what transforms the promise into reality. It is making time when there seems to be none. Once you make a commitment to learning French, you’ll be surprised how creative you can be about finding the time! I certainly was! It’s not that I’m not busy anymore, on the contrary I am probably busier then I’ve ever been. The difference is that now I can always make time for learning French.
It’s Too Hard
Often, during a conversation about foreign languages, I hear something like this: ‘Oh, I couldn’t possibly learn a second language! It’s Just Too Hard!’
So How Hard Is It, Really?
Let’s face it, I would be lying if I said that learning languages is easy. Only because, in my opinion, ‘easy’ requires no effort and would mean something like being able to fluently speak a foreign language overnight, as a result of a magic spell… Sorry, that’s not going to happen. But let me ask you a serious question. In your entire life, have you ever done anything that wasn’t easy, required an effort, a commitment, at times maybe even some hard work, but at the same time so enjoyable, fun and satisfying, that you’d never actually think of it as a ‘hard’ work? See what I mean? That’s exactly what the language learning should be! Yes, it will require your commitment, and work, and effort, but it should be, can be, and actually is a lot of fun, it is extremely satisfying, and it will enrich your life tremendously! When done right, learning a second language will never seem ‘Too Hard’. Don’t let this Excuse to hold you back any longer! However, if it ever ‘feels too hard’, then you are doing something wrong. You’d simply need to make a few adjustments to your language learning technique. Et Voilà! Learning French is fun again!
I’m Just Not Good At Learning Languages
Does this sound like you? ‘I wish I could speak another language! Too bad I don’t have a gift for it!’ or ‘Learning French requires a special talent for languages. Unfortunately, I don’t have one… I’d never be able to speak French, because I’m just not good at learning languages…’
If You Think You Are Not Good At Learning Languages?
Then I’ve got great news for you – you don’t need talent to learn a language! As a matter of fact, everyone has a ‘natural talent’ for languages. After all, we are humans; we naturally use language to communicate. You have already learned at least one language; you can definitely do it again. And this has nothing to do with talent. Being able to speak another language is a skill. Acquiring a language is learning a skill. That’s right, much like learning to ride a bike or learning to swim. What you need to learn a foreign language skill is motivation, commitment, effective method, right tools, practice, and adequate time. Yes, it’s that simple, no more excuses, you too can learn French, just like anyone else with or without a ‘talent’!
To Learn French Properly, I’d Have To Live In A French Speaking Country
Are you planning to travel to a French-Speaking country? Are you putting French off thinking: ‘Why waste time and effort now? After all, the complete French immersion is a sure way to learn French fast. I’ll just wait until I get there…’
Is Learning French In A French Speaking Country Your Only Recipe For Success?
Do you know the difference between learning French in your country and in a country where French is spoken? Guess what? The only difference is Your geographical location! Seriously! Don’t get me wrong; learning French in a French-speaking country is awesome! If you have this opportunity, definitely take it. What I’m trying to say is that living in a foreign country does not give you a language learning superpower. Just because everyone around you speaks French, doesn’t mean you’re automatically going to start speaking French also. Trust me, I know, I’m an interpreter, I do this for a living. 95% of my Russian-speaking clients live in the English-speaking countries for years and decades and still don’t speak English. Yet others may never leave their native country, but speak one or more foreign languages fluently. Why? Because learning languages is a state of mind and a commitment. Because no matter where you are, the language learning process is exactly the same.
I Want to Learn French, but I Don’t Know Where to Start
‘There are so many different programs out there… I wouldn’t know where to begin… I’m lost, confused, and frustrated…’
What If You Don’t Know Where to Begin?
First of all don’t worry – you are not alone. I, for one, can definitely relate to this. There are so many French learning programs, methods, resources… Just trying to decide where to begin and which program to choose can quickly become extremely overwhelming. As a result, instead of happily realizing your dream of learning how to speak French, you may find yourself having a complete brain freeze or nervous breakdown! OK, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but the point is that you’ve got too many choices and you are still not getting any closer to actually learning French. Don’t let this discourage you! Relax, clear your mind, take a deep breath, and let me share my personal proven ways of breaking down this wall of French learning fears, doubts, and dilemmas.

We are all unique in every way. We know that, of course! But when it comes to learning, the fact of our differences is often being overlooked. Somehow it is considered perfectly normal for us all to learn from the same book, in the same way, and we are expected to get the same result. No wonder that some of us could miserably fail or get bored to death while others complete exact same task easily, successfully, and without a hitch. We have no idea why this happens. We just accept the reality believing that our fortunate fellow students are simply smarter or more talented then us. Could this be true? Of course not! Why?

The answer is actually quite simple – Everyone Has a Different Learning Style. That’s right, we all learn better through different means. This means that if you understand your own learning style and know the best methods and techniques to help you learn through that style – you can learn ANYTHING. In other words, understanding your learning style is crucial for your overall learning success.

Most experts agree that there are three basic learning styles: Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic. Each individual may possess a single style or a combination of different learning styles.

Visual Learning Style

Visual Learning Style

Visual Learners learn best through what they are able to read or see with their own eyes. They love to use pictures, diagrams, maps, and graphs in their learning process. Visual Learners have tendency to describe everything they see in terms of appearances.

Auditory Learning Style

Auditory Learners are very good listeners. They can easily remember things that they hear. They prefer using books on tapes, listening to oral presentations, learning through sounds, music, discussions, etc.

Kinesthetic Learning Style

Kinesthetic Learning Style

Kinesthetic Learners learn best through moving, acting out, and touching. They prefer to be hands on and do things in order to learn about them.

Key points to remember when selecting a French Language Course:

  • Always remember that no matter how acclaimed or expensive the program is, it has to be Right for You. It has to either directly fit or to be flexible enough to be able to fit Your Learning Style, Your Personality and Life Style.
  • What works for someone else may not necessarily work for you. Just because you have read a whole lot of raving reviews about any particular program doesn’t mean that you will love it too. You don’t have to invest a lot of money into award winning French language courses just because it may seem like the right thing to do. It won’t guarantee your success. So hold on to your wallet for now.
  • The only person you should trust in selecting the right language course is You. Take charge of the program selection process – try it for yourself, Try It For Yourself, TRY IT FOR YOURSELF! I can’t stress the importance of this enough!
  • Most French Learning programs out there offer a Free, No Obligation Trial. This is a great place to start! Just go ahead and try it! It does not cost you anything, you immediately start learning French, and you will know for sure whether it’s right for You or not. Try not to take this too seriously. Enjoy the process! Have fun. If the program doesn’t grab your attention, seems boring or too complicated and confusing, that’s OK. Don’t waste your time, simply move on to the next. Find something you absolutely love and stick with it! This is your key to success!
  • By the time you are ready to purchase the program of your choice you’ll know exactly what you are getting and why you are getting it. No hidden surprises, no disappointment or wasted money. You would already start learning French with this program (for Free!); you’d know how it works and that it works for You; you would simply continue doing something that you already enjoy.